Perpetual apprentice // Tinkerer // Technologist


I'm an Engineer, Entrepreneur and Professor working from Madrid, ES.

I work on tech and innovation, helping companies to understand how the future could be and to reinvent themselves.


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Engineer by vocation, Entrepreneur by choice. I have more than 15 years experience in R&D Consultancy, Innovation, Startups and Technology.

I worked as a consultant for more than 8 years in the Defense/Aerospace sector. In 2013, I founded Codeback Software, a small and highly specialized Software Development Studio. I've also founded two digital startups Blabelia (Edtech) and Hoppin (Fintech).

⌨️ Projects

🤖 I lead Akoios, where we provide AI/ML Services and Solutions

📨 I write The Independent Sentinel, a monthly newsletter about Data Science

👨‍🏫 I teach about Lean Startup, Innovation and Technology @ N&Co, EOI, ISDI and ICAI

🚀 I design, manage and teach at innovation programs, venture builders and corporate accelerators

💻 I code @ Codeback, a small software studio where we just work on projects we like

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